Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities

We understand that people with learning disabilities are individuals with their own personalities, uniqueness, and range of abilities. We recognize that people with learning disabilities need the right support so they can live life as they chose and be active citizens.

Premier Homecare Services has experience providing support for clients with learning disabilities. Our care plans are designed to find out what our clients want and what support they need. The individual and their families are involved in all stages of the care planning process, in this way we will understand the client’s wants and needs. When planning a client’s support needs we always consider what makes the client feel safe and comfortable, for example, the gender of the carer.

Learning Disabilities at Permier Homecare Services LTD


We realise that people with learning disabilities are all different and should be treated as individuals, and if that person is an adult they must be treated as an adult. Having a learning disability doesn’t mean that the person is stupid, it just means they might need more support.  It doesn’t matter what a person with learning disabilities can do or can’t do, they must still be respected.

Premier Homecare Services aims to provide a flexible care service to suit each client’s needs. Depending on the circumstances this may vary from visits lasting 15 minutes to several hours. Whatever the level of care required, we strive to provide a service which is tailor made for each client.

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